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Great news for Offices, Hotels, Care Homes,

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Advantage Floor Care would like to offer you a better and different concept of carpet and upholstery care. Your carpets and upholstery are important parts of how people see your entire facility. You only get one chance to make a first impression. When your carpet is clean everything else looks better.


There is confusion over carpet cleaning methods, some of which can be downright harmful. HOST has been around for 50 years, but the equipment and chemicals that we use, involve today’s technology. NO nasty smells, no condensation on walls and windows and ZERO DRYING TIME. That means ready for immediate use, with no disruption.


If you have an office with sensitive equipment like computers, printers etc the last thing you need is moisture, with the HOST system you get absolutely NO moisture and can be sure that your expensive and essential equipment will not be affected. With the zero drying time and the removal of strong odours you are left with a clean fresh smelling work space that is ready for immediate use.

Maintenance Cleaning

The objective of carpet maintenance is having clean carpets every day of the year at a reasonable cost. Our HOST planned maintenance programme does exactly that. The 1st step is to survey the building to determine the current conditions. Then using our bespoke checklist we make it easy for you.

Our philosophy is simple - Once a contract is won we endeavour to keep it, and we will work very hard to build a successful and long term working relationship with our clients.

Speciality Cleaning

The HOST and ESPRIT systems are ideal for many surfaces such as:


HOST Dry Extraction is also GREEN SEAL certified. Also independent research and certifications show that HOST is environmentally preferred and is the best choice for GREEN, CLEAN and DRY. Carpets will look their best EVERY day.


Advantage Floor Care have pride on our reputation, recommendations, honesty and the reliability of our cleaning staff.