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How HOST works


For more than 50 years the Host dry carpet cleaning system has been the premier dry extraction cleaning system on the market. Host works better than hot water or steam methods. Since it is a dry process, you can walk on the carpet immediately after cleaning - meaning zero downtime.


The HOST System:

Millions of tiny, absorbent sponge-like particles that contain trace amounts of water and cleaning agents deep clean by dissolving and trapping greasy, oily dirt. HOST offers a better clean and the environmental benefits of using the system make it the system of choice!


The first step in the HOST dry extraction system is a thorough vacuuming, but don’t confuse this with your household vacuum, this is an extremely high-powered professional vacuum. This stage is very important because around 85% of the soil in a carpet is dry and is best removed by vacuuming. The remaining 15% is oily or greasy and cannot be removed this way.

The next step is where the dry extraction method excels. The HOST organic sponges are organic fibres moistened with water, detergents and safe solvents. This is biodegradable, safe for people and pets and environmentally friendly and it smells lovely too. The sponges are sprinkled over the carpet and then worked deep into the pile with the HOST Freestyle machine. This uses two counter rotating brushes which circulate the cleaner through the carpet yarns. This brushing action causes the sponges to go deep into the pile and dissolve the oil and grease which is then absorbed into the sponges. Finally the dirty sponges are thoroughly extracted using the powerful vacuum in the Freestyle. This lifts the pile and leaves the carpet clean, not only on the surface but deep down into the pile. Stubborn stains can be



The most obvious benefit is that the carpet is DRY IMMEDIATELY! This means that if it is a domestic job you can use your room straight away with children or pets. If it is commercial there is no down time that will cost the company lost revenue.

Another benefit is carpet maintenance. On high traffic areas the system can be used more often without leaving the carpet looking patchy. The best way to keep your carpet clean is to have a regular maintenance program and not wait until it is dirty enough to see, this will vastly increase the life of your carpet and the look during its life.

A major benefit is the indoor air quality. Cleaning carpets regularly with HOST can improve indoor air quality in homes or businesses. Years of ongoing research proves that just one HOST cleaning reduces:

Dust Mites by 78%

Dust might allergen by 75%

Mould spores by 85%

Cat allergen by 85%

Dryer is better for indoor air quality. Bacteria and mould are also dramatically reduced.

At a glance.

Carpets stay cleaner longer.

No dampness.

Leaves no sticky soapy residue to attract dirt.

Removes dust mites, pet and other allergens.

Recommended by over 100 carpet manufacturers and fabric producers.