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Why should you have your carpet cleaned?


Well, a clean carpet makes everything else in the room look good.


A clean carpet will last much loner than a soiled one. Every step you take on a dirty carpet grinds the soil deeper into the fibres of the carpet. Dirt is abrasive and this permanently damages the carpet, causing it to wear out sooner. That’s why you need a cleaner that will go deeper into the fibres and HOST is that cleaner.


Most important of all, your health. A clean carpet is just healthier. Your carpet acts like an air filter in your home. The average person breathes in and out around fifty pounds of air per day and your carpet traps all that dirt. If you didn’t have carpet where would all that dirt go? The problem is, just as when a filter becomes blocked it stops working properly the same is true when your carpet becomes dirty.

The universe under your feet

In a survey conducted by a major carpet cleaning company it was found that the average carpet in the UK is FIVE TIMES dirtier than the street. There are many organisms living in a dirty carpet some of which are:


Add to this the 3 pounds of skin cells a family of four shed onto the carpet in a year and you can see that it is a pretty nasty picture.


So what can you do?

Well that’s where Advantage Floor Care can help. With the amazing HOST carpet cleaning system you can have the benefits of a clean as new carpet for a fraction of the cost.



Look if you dare but its not pleasant. To see what lives in a dirty carpet

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